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Tanzania / Van Gogh / Single Origin

Tanzania / Van Gogh / Single Origin

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Certification: Conventional

Tasting Notes: Medium Acidity, Smooth Body, Nougat, Stone Fruit, Black Tea, with a Lingering Savory Finish. Medium-Light roast.

Region: Mount Kilimanjaro

Variety: Bourbon and Kent

Altitude: 1,200-2,000M

 Screen Size: Peaberry

Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried 

Farm Details: Grown on the Kilimanjaro plantation Estate, The uniquely fertile area in the region surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro is among the best in the world for the cultivation of Arabica. The entire plantation was planted with 1 million new coffee trees between 2000 and 2005. Every single coffee tree is connected to a drip irrigation system, which ensures an adequate water supply at all times. A central wet mill replaces the previously 8 decentralized processing plants and guarantees consistently high quality standards, while simultaneously reducing water consumption for the "fully washed" processing.



Vincent van Gogh


Vincent van Gogh's "Irises" is a testament to the artist's masterful use of color and his ability to infuse even the simplest subjects with profound emotion. Painted in 1889 while he was a patient at the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, this artwork represents a departure from his more turbulent and tumultuous earlier works. The composition features a striking juxtaposition of vivid purples and blues, creating a sense of serenity and depth. "Irises" not only showcases Van Gogh's technical prowess but also serves as a poignant expression of his own inner struggle and yearning for tranquility. This painting has since become an iconic piece in the world of art, celebrated for its ability to convey a sense of beauty and solace in the midst of personal turmoil.


Our mission is to roast the best coffee and help our youth get exposure to inner-city arts programs. The perfect gift for coffee lovers and art lovers. All of our coffee comes in whole bean, ground drip, or espresso ground options.

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