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Temecula Coffee Roasters

Mint / Flavored Coffee / Alphonse Mucha

Mint / Flavored Coffee / Alphonse Mucha

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Minty Fresh!

But in a Delicious Coffee Kind of Way, Not a "Brushing Your Teeth" Kind of Way.

Reminiscent of those wonderful chocolate mints your Nana always had.



Alphonse Mucha

 Les Saisons 1

Alphonse Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau artist, is celebrated for his elegant and decorative style, characterized by intricate patterns, flowing lines, and sensuous forms. Among his notable works is the illustration painting "Les Saisons 1" (The Seasons 1), a captivating series that embodies Mucha's distinctive aesthetic. Created in the late 19th century, this particular piece exemplifies Mucha's commitment to integrating fine art with applied arts. "Les Saisons 1" features a harmonious depiction of the four seasons, each personified by ethereal female figures adorned with symbolic elements that represent the characteristics of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Mucha's meticulous attention to detail, along with his skillful use of soft colors and organic forms, captures the essence of Art Nouveau. The graceful beauty and thematic richness of "Les Saisons 1" underscore Mucha's influence on the decorative arts and his lasting impact on the Art Nouveau movement.


Our mission is to roast the best coffee and help our youth get exposure to inner-city arts programs. The perfect gift for coffee lovers and art lovers. All of our coffee comes in whole bean, ground drip, or espresso ground options.

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