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Temecula Coffee Roasters

Costa Rica / Gustav Klimt / Single Origin

Costa Rica / Gustav Klimt / Single Origin

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Certification: Conventional

Tasting Notes: Sweet Apple, Raisin, and Honey

Co-op: Coope Agri

Region: Brunca

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Altitude: 1,100-1,600M

Process: Fully Washed

Farm Details: CoopeAgri is a community of farmers from small communities, villages, and even single-family farms. CoopeAgri focuses on the well-being of members, their families, and communities. Medical care, agronomy support and outreach, and a café showcase are available to COOP members. The farmers use organic fertilizer made by the COOP.



Gustav Klimt

The Virgin

Gustav Klimt's painting, "The Virgin," is a mesmerizing masterpiece that showcases his distinctive Art Nouveau style and exquisite attention to detail. Created in 1913, this iconic work portrays the Virgin Mary in a radiant and ethereal manner, with intricate patterns and shimmering gold leaf adorning her robe. Klimt's use of symbolism and symbolism in "The Virgin" adds depth to the composition, evoking a sense of spirituality and mysticism. The painting's harmonious blend of symbolism, sensuality, and spirituality encapsulates Klimt's unique artistic vision and continues to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide, making it a timeless and revered piece in the history of art.


Our mission is to roast the best coffee and help our youth get exposure to inner-city arts programs. The perfect gift for coffee lovers and art lovers. All of our coffee comes in whole bean, ground drip, or espresso ground options.

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