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Temecula Coffee Roasters

Sweet Espresso Blonde Blend / Klimt

Sweet Espresso Blonde Blend / Klimt

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 Blonde Espresso Blend - Light Roast - Sweet Espresso Blend

Sweet Blend from Central America and Africa. Great for Sweet Espresso!



Gustov Klimt - "The Kiss"

"The Kiss" is a captivating and sensuous masterpiece that showcases the artist's distinctive style, characterized by intricate patterns, luxurious gold leaf, and a harmonious blend of symbolism and sensuality. Painted between 1907 and 1908, this iconic work of art can be found in the Belvedere Palace Museum in Vienna, Austria. "The Kiss" portrays a couple locked in an intimate embrace, enveloped in a shimmering golden robe adorned with geometric shapes and elaborate swirls. The figures' unity and the gilded background create a sense of eternal love and passion, making this painting a celebrated symbol of both art nouveau and the enduring power of human connection.


Our mission is to roast the best coffee and help our youth get exposure to inner-city arts programs. The perfect gift for coffee lovers and art lovers. All of our coffee comes in whole bean, ground drip, or espresso ground options.

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