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Tropical Mango / Loose Leaf Tea / Paul Gauguin

Tropical Mango / Loose Leaf Tea / Paul Gauguin

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Loose Leaf Tea: Tropical Mango

Ingredients: Ceylon OP, Mango Flavor, Marigold Petals

Notes: Fruity, Sweet

Enjoy the sweet, smooth, and summery notes of this tea—perfect whether hot or iced. The added hint of mango enhances the already fruity flavor, offering a delightful cup of hot tea or a refreshing iced option at any time.


Paul Gauguin

Three Tahitians, 1899

Paul Gauguin, a post-Impressionist master, found inspiration in the exotic landscapes and cultures of Tahiti, and his painting "Three Tahitians" exemplifies his fascination with the South Pacific. Completed in 1899, the artwork captures the artist's vision of a utopian paradise through the depiction of three Tahitian women. Gauguin's bold use of color, flattened forms, and symbolic elements contribute to the painting's enigmatic allure. The figures, adorned with traditional garments and surrounded by lush tropical foliage, reflect his pursuit of a more primitive and authentic way of life. "Three Tahitians" not only showcases Gauguin's artistic prowess but also serves as a window into his quest for a harmonious existence, distanced from the complexities of Western civilization.

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