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Temecula Coffee Roasters

Organic English Breakfast / Loose Leaf Tea / Van Gough

Organic English Breakfast / Loose Leaf Tea / Van Gough

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Loose Leaf Tea: Organic Black Tea

Notes: Fruity, Sweet

The ideal Breakfast Tea—simple yet robust, able to complement milk and sugar. A sweet, rustic cup that brings good vibes throughout the day, crafted from a blend of African and Indian teas.


Vincent Van Gogh 

Le café de nuit, 1888

Vincent Van Gogh, the renowned Dutch Post-Impressionist artist, left an indelible mark on the art world with his distinctive style and emotional intensity. Among his masterpieces is "Le Café de Nuit," a captivating painting that depicts a vibrant night scene at a café in Arles, France. Completed in 1888, the artwork is characterized by bold brushstrokes and a vivid color palette, reflecting Van Gogh's unique vision and emotional turbulence. The use of warm tones and swirling forms creates a dynamic atmosphere, drawing viewers into the lively nocturnal setting. "Le Café de Nuit" stands as a testament to Van Gogh's ability to convey the energy and essence of a moment through his unparalleled artistic expression.

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